Your motto should be to elevate casino helsinki poker the casino pirkanmaa standard of your flocks, rather than to increase their number beyond your means of feeding.
To make (a base hit He hit a single and a home run.
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To land on or arrive in: The troops hit the beach at 0800.Bartender, hit me again.When does Harry hit town?What will happen when the story hits the front page?You're not here to elevate their minds or teach them anything.To drive or propel by a stroke: to hit a ball onto the green.
To succeed in representing or producing exactly: to hit a likeness in a portrait.
The thoughts might be uplifting to Almena, but they did not elevate my spirits.
To succeed in striking: With his final shot he hit the mark.
To solve or guess correctly; come upon the right answer or solution: You've hit it!
The same lesson that brought him so low served to elevate.Each is a link in the chain which will be mighty to elevate the fallen.The Cherubim and Seraphim have wings that elevate them above our zenith.You could not elevate your mind even to comprehend my motives.To be published in or released to; appear in: When will this report hit the papers?To begin to travel on: Let's hit the road.To come against with an impact ultimate texas holdem online free or collision, as a missile, a flying fragment, a falling body, or the like: The car hit the tree.We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.You can change your cookie settings at any time.