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Brad Friesner - w/Beuf express chassis, Koford horsepower, Guide, guide nut, lead wire, epiphone casino coupe vs dot axle, gear, mtr brushes TQ TMO.571!
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And.710 NWR!This in effect lengthens the chassis.TQ-OMB-Ron Keener w/Koford Ultra can, Koford endbell arm, and magnets, Koford M530P chassis, Koford axle and tires 1st-HB12- Ernie Parison w/Koford HW12 40* arm, lead wire, hollow flatted race axle, and.680XX Spec tires.NEW US record - Reggie Coram w/Koford arms TQ 27L - Rich Curnutte w/ M709A Beuf express chassis, arm, and motor brushes TQ 1st 2MO - Boyt Johnston w/Koford arms 1st G7 - Trevor Rosenberg w/ Koford arms, Cans, endbells, M156F axle, red dot 39T.News.2.2017, added body Alfa R Giulia isra 2017 RedFox, RedFox braids, pinions from ARP.Brad Friesner w/ M531P Beuf Express chassis, Koford horsepower, M469 guide, lead wire Peugeot body The Brazilian Nat's 1st G27L Renan M472-650-WXX, M472-650-wxxx, M472-670-WXX and M472-670-wxxx tires).G27L - 1'st - Jim Stevens, 997 laps, using Koford arm, Aerotek body, Koford rims G27L - TQ - Richard Curnutte,.765, M709B Beuf express Quadrail chassis, Koford horsepower, red dor 43T spur, motor brushes C12 - 1'st and TQ - Richard Curnutte, New track.NEW world record 698 laps!Justin Risk w/ complete Koford motor.861 NEW Track Record!HB12 - 1'st and new word record 648 laps - Rob Garland, Koford M530P chassis, M156F axle, tires, M607 magnets, Arm, brushes, and front wheels HB12 - TQ and new world record.907 - Archie King, Koford M530P chassis, M472-650S-wxxx tires, M156F axle, Koford arm.
Brad Friesner, Team Koford - 1112 laps New G27 Light qualifying World Record!
G7 - 2'st - Richard Curnutte, M531Y Koford Beuf express chassis, Koford horsepower, M515 pinions, red dot 39T Spurs, lead wire, M156F axle, M244 motor brushes TMO - 1'st - TQ and new track record.546 Brad Friesner, using Koford Aerotek.005 body, Koford horsepower with.
M469 Guide, lead wire,.650WX.670WX tires 1'st Pro Box, Rob Garland, M530D chassis, M472-650wx tires, M607 magnets, M468 40* arm, M528 can, M485 motor brushes, M156F axle, M469 guide, M615 guide nut 1'st Am Box, Merrell Todd, M530D chassis, M472-650wx tires, M607 magnets, M468 40* arm.
Boyt Johnson w/ Koford arm, axle, guide nut, mtr brushes 1'st TMO 1103 laps!
And 1'st - Brad Friesner, 1484 laps a new world record!, Koford horsepower (4 motors) with 74 and 84 arms, Koford aluminum motor brace, Red dot 39t drilled spur, leadwire, nut, M697F axle, brushes, M545 pins etc.
OMO -.451 NEW world record!, AND 1'st and NEW world record 1189 laps!Brad Friesner, using Koford Aerotek.005 body, Koford horsepower with 84 arm, Red dot 43t Spur, leadwire, nut, M156F axle, rims, M244 brushes etc.YES 59, nO 13, comparable 14, i don't know.C12 - 1'st Mike Chmielewski - Koford arms, M726 OD ground can, complete Koford motor and tires for qualifying.14, here is a selection of the most commonly used body.

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TQ and 1st 1/32 Euro - Paul Gawronski w/Complete Koford motor.
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