So practically Cheetu has this whole thing going on with switching abilzlties and stuff like that, so not only is much potential wasted, but you don't even get to know his zidedine1991 poker new one.
While of course it could just be blood, I highly doubt it, since there should be more blood in a whole head than that, and second because it makes no physikal sense that a bursted head would just let the blood flow steadily out.
And therefore Cheetu should be dead right?
So here you can see what I'm talking about and guess for yourself.This will be my first blog so enjoy.So one guess could be, that cheetus ability allows him to gtfo of there or at least live through that.This blog will be about Cheetu.Sooooo hello Hunter X Hunter Amino.Itsa disss guy, so in some episode we see Silver smashing him.Ok like practically killing him after Cheetu is bragging abou how amazing his new ability.
I personally like him a lot and since he's part of my top 3 characters (which all 3 are dead btw fml it could just be me whining about hxh killing one of my favs but I'll try to be objective.
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Silver as a pro assasin just conceals his presence so even as supernatural ant with superduper sensible ears you couldn't hear him and I'm just thinjing way to much about the death of some random evil guy.So yeah that's basically.Cheetus new ability nobody knows about: So his death was a big disappointment for me since nobody knows sh* about his new nen ability.Give your feedback in the comments please to tell me what I can make better and to tell me what you think of this theory :D.You still alive boiiiii?Cheetu exactly knows what will happen and prepares his special ability which is to live through that punch or something.One of his abilities.Well I'm just gonna say that this guy is still alive so that I can sleep at night.Look behind you, well in this blog I shall theorize about his chances of being alive.That could make sense if:.So let's get started:.