I wont define nor give you the formula for 3bet).
Its how often your opponent raises before the flop.Im going to assume that you know some common poker terms (ex.But if you look closer at the statistic, you may find that your opponent has only faced two continuation bets in the small sample!You need to be raising at least of the hands you play, preferably you should be.70 is a standard percentage for most solid players, and because ranges only hit the flop at 35 on average, a 70 range contain at least 50 marginal pairs, bluffs and semi-bluffing draws.Keep this stat in a popup as well so you can exploit any difference in Cbet when IP vs OOP.However one player might crush the game for 4BB/100, one might break even and one might beat it for 1BB/100.If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me below and Ill be sure to get back to you.This stat is extremely helpful when deciding which hands to three-bet and which to call with before the flop.HUD software is widely understood as essential in todays online games.A good way to tell is use wtsd in conjunction codeta casinomeister with.This guide will walk you through how a HUD works, the kinds of decisions a HUD can help you with, and common mistakes players make when using a HUD.Basically, if you dont use a poker analytics program, you are flying blind compared to others at the table.You need to understand the range of hands your opponent is playing and how this range of hands interacts with different flops.A continuation bet occurs when you raise preflop, are called, and then follow up with a bet on the flop.
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What types of info can you glean from each opponents HUD by analyzing the gap between vpip and PFR?
Wheres the Attempt to Steal Stat?
Also, thanks to PokerTracker 4 for the great training and Leak Tracker videos and all the other trax casino coaches Ive learned from via articles, books and training videos.
As you gain experience using stats to exploit your opponents, youll begin to gain a sense of when to rely on a stat and when to ignore.Thats because the fewer hands the player is raising pre-flop the stronger the hands.The information on the HUD tells you precise details about your opponents' playing tendencies, and understanding these stats can make a huge difference in your win rate.Your HUD has a stat for that.When you are deciding which hands to bluff with and which are good enough to value bet, you need to look at your opponents fold to flop continuation bet statistic.Fold to Turn Cbet at around 60 or greater must be bluffed frequently.The more serious a poker player you become, the more hands you play.What are some dangers of using a HUD?We can look at a very simple examplea fold to flop continuation betto showcase how a HUD can influence your flop continuation betting strategy.

Another way to look at this is you should be more inclined to believe the person with the smaller range.
When you are deciding whether to bet, check, or fold, you can take a look at the way your opponent has played in similar situations to guide your actions.
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