9 There are two gates to the enemy complex.
11 Go into the house with the Shopkeeper (check your Goals to find the house).20 88U4V Destroy doomsday compound, if play club casino no deposit those do not work try the following: 2 4jjxb 3 ZDD1T 4 RFF1J 5 K4TCG 6 MIR4M 7 7qvjv 8 K99XC 9 aaax1 10 jsgpw 11 cmodd 12 jghd3 13 puuww 14 WT P0 16 L9IPV 17 5limv.There's also one cupboard in this milloin on keno arvonta room, the Book is.Thanks, but I'm not going to replay therse huge missions just for the books!Enter it, and search the cupboard nearest to the entrance to find the Bonus Book.Open the metal doors, and search the two shelves in the room behind them to find no less than 2 Bonus Books.12 There are three houses in this level.14 Same as keno joker #8.Is this what you're were looking for?9 This one's also in the room with the Admiral who has the keys.Facing the bunker, turn 90 degrees to the right, and walk to the wooden platform up ahead.Search them to find the second Bonus Book.Here, you'll find some shelves.
Ml Excellent - Thanks for the link tinyE tinyE Leider sind die Daten dieses Nutzers gerade nicht verfügbar.
7 Go into the house where Natasha starts, the one with the elevator.
Search the desk in the Lieutenant's little office.
7 Same as #5.
There are also two tall lockers in this room.
After you've rescued him, check out the cupboard in this room.
Bitte versuche es später noch einmal.8 Opposite of the Mess Hall (where the assistant was drinking in the previous mission there's a small building with some showers inside.5 Go into the house where Natasha starts, the one with the elevator.Search all the furniture inside to find 3 Bonus Books.5 Go to the second floor of the building where the Green Baret was imprisoned.If you want to get it without being seen, enter the building through the door behind the Officer.10 Near the Green Beret's starting point are two small houses.Look in the cupboard in this room to find.

Here, search all little cupboards next to the beds to find 2 Bonus Books.