how to compare poker hands

But over time you should widen your ranges as your skill levels increases.
This range is approximately what is optimal for ME, based on my skill level and the games I am playing (50/100nl zoom at PokerStars).
Small bingo 2000 preston blind opening range For the SB, I would typically just use my Button opening range as my standard.3, make 7 stacks of 7 cards each.Building these ranges would be a great exercise for someone who is just starting out.Unsuited broadways Another interesting hand type is the big unsuited broadways.Both in my DB and the large DB, the win rate is very small, so it is very marginal indeed.In general, if you dont feel comfortable playing any of the weaker hands in the range you shouldnt force yourself.By using this service, some information may be shared with.The excel sheet is a large database of over 20 million hands with known hole cards played at various stakes.Although you may need to email them.To find out lets look at the large DB: As shown, 98s is profitable in this large database, and 87s and below is slightly losing.This s a useful piece of kit which you can use to help you decide if a hand is worth opening from each position. .Okay #10006, method 1 Beginning Play 1, shuffle a joker into a standard 52-card deck.Good luck at the tables!
3, make the best possible low hand you can.
Even a 400k hand sample isnt the largest dataset.
Amazingly they have been downloaded almost 200,000 times!
Can be folded, however, if the table is particularly aggressive.
Final words on poker range construction poker range analysis If you currently are playing full ring poker you can still use these ranges; just add on the earlier positions yourself.They are a more detailed version of the starting hands section in the cheat sheet above which supplement it nicely.The reason for this is simple the more players there are left to act, the more chance we will come across an opponent with a premium hand such as QQ,.Or ask yourself: Is this hand a profitable open raise?Click here to share your story.Did you ever wonder what hands you should be playing preflop?That player gets first choice of the stacks; then the remaining players get to choose, going counterclockwise.The hands I would typically play are below: All pocket pairs (22 all suit broadways (ATs, KTs, QTs, JTs big off-suit aces (ATo small suited aces (A2s-A9s KQo, medium suited connectors (76s-T9s).I have always felt that these hands are profitable to open from UTG because they play very well when you hit an ace high board you can often pot-control and if you hit your straight or flush you can win a big pot.

This means it is not only the pairs that matter if there is no clear winner (nobody has a pair the decision will go down to high card wins.
Step 3: Take into account information give under headings preflop and post flop.
You have to estimate how often you are beaten by your opponent in order to determine if you can profitably call or not.