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A more thorough guide on how to update existing translations in practise is located in the ckanext-sixodp_ui extension's readme-file.
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Ckan-related source code such as the ckan extensions and patches are licensed under the agpl.0.If the lock is removed, remember to remove lock from jenkins and cloudformation.Reporter, radio plus, redaktor, informacyjna Agencja Radiowa, newsletter w Twojej skrzynce mailowej.The extensions follow the internalization conventions defined in ckan.6 docs.The web server uses the ckan extensions directly from the source code via symlinks.If you edit Python code of the extensions, you need to restart the wsgi server (vagrant ssh and sudo service apache2 restart).
To run Ansible) again: vagrant provision, you can ssh into the server: vagrant ssh, and you can also run Ansible manually inside the virtual machine: veikkaus pointsi koodit vagrant ssh cd /vagrant/ansible ansible-playbook -v -i inventories/vagrant deploy-all.
The main ckanext-sixodp_ui extension is used to manage modifications to ckan core translations while other extensions will contain only extension specific translations.
Mainly for shared sass-styles, which are compiled into separate css-files sixodp WordPress related files Vagrantfile Configuration for local development environment Managing translations Translations are decentralized to separate ckan extensions.
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