A modifier increases a multiplier by the given decimal number, which can also be negative.
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Political_power_gain Amount of flat political power gained daily political_power_factor Political power gain factor Modifies the amount of divisions required to be able to send volunteers.Industry technology : Groups all technologies that improve production efficiency and volume of all factories, resources excavation and unlocks synthetic refineries.Support Companies (II, III,IV Artillery (I) Upgrades (I Anti-Air Artillery (I Anti-Tank Artillery (I).Support Companies technology : Technologies that unlock and improve all types of support battalions: Engineers, Reconnaissance, Military Police, Maintenance, Field Hospital, Logistics korttipelit tikki and Signal companies.Together for Victory ).Ahead of time penalty: 200 per year.Naval edit Naval technology : Technologies that unlocks or improve all kinds of ship units: destroyer, cruisers, battleship, carrier, submarine or improve transports for naval invasions.
This.40 (or.4) is then multiplied with each individual divisions organization value to get the end value.
No Navy Exploit Chaos HOI4 Man The Guns.
It's possible to change doctrine throughout the game, but all bonuses from the old doctrine are lost, as if completely abandoned, when starting research of a different doctrine tree.
(default value is part of ideology) subversive_activites_upkeep Yes, Paradox misspelled this.
I'm going to be making a huge number of videos, but this one is an observation game!?
If more members have researched a technology, the the discount will be greater.Instead i've found out that you can convert your Ironman saves to normal saves and then back.Artillery technology : Technologies that unlock and improve all types of artillery, including anti-tank, anti-air and rocket artillery.Txt and are "trade_laws "mobilization_laws "economy" and "political_advisor" ai_call_ally_desire_factor ai_focus_aggressive_factor ai_join_ally_desire_factor ai_get_ally_desire_factor, likelihood the AI wants to join a faction, or invite members in to its own faction.This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game.