A: Not a clue.
I've only found temporary storage for H2 in appdata/roaming.If you think there's some info about the uudet nettiarvat ja kasinot guns that's worth mentioning and I didn't, tell.Ammo Type: Magnum Ammo Clip Capacity: 6 Found: In Anathema, on the Don.Ammo Type: Pistol Ammo Clip Capacity: 15 Found: Start Anathema with it in Normal and Expert difficulties.Kinda marred by the one bolt capacity.They're not very common, though, and the normal ones can't be concealed.Description: Real name: Desert Eagle.50 Action Express.A: If you find a weapon on the ground, walk near it, and you'll see the option to pick it up in your Action Menu.Only problem is that the extra bulk doesn't make it concealable, but it's well offset by being able to clean up without being noticed.There's an added bonus (or rather a glitch) to doing this.Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo Clip Capacity: 6 Found: In Anathema, in the garage.Has very good power, and combines nicely with a firefighter's outfit.In Jacuzzi Job, on female bodyguards.You can also conceal one small automatic (SMG or UZI).Golf Club Appearance: A long metal shaft ending at a solid rounded head.Table of Contents.
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In Murder in the Bazaar, on the lieutenant.
Use: This is a silent killer, and it's always at hand (see above).
Not really full automatic as the game suggests, but a semi-automatic.
Invitation to a Party, on the Spetznaz Agent.Those of you telling me it's a "Light Fifty" are (apparently) wrong.Custom Rifle Appearance: A short black rifle with a massive scope.Kirov Park Meeting, in the Agency Drop.Sawn-Off Appearance: Short version of the Shotgun Ammo Type: Shotgun Ammo Clip Capacity: 2 Found: Complete any two missions with Silent Assassin ranking.Found: The package in Gontranno Sanctuary.After that, it will stay with you forever.

Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park Meeting, Invitation to a Party, Tracking Hayamoto, Death of Hannelore, Redemption at Gontranno, all on bodyguards.