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This 1-99 RuneScape Magic Guide 2017 is fully updated for the new year!
The full set, including the ring, amulet and staff, give slightly less Magic attack bonus than Mystic robes ; however, it gives Melee Defence bonuses similar to Splitbark armour.Xp/Hr varies based on spell and level and also if youre splashing or not splashing.They are not very common, as they are hard to make, and many players prefer Mystic robes.Mystic robes edit edit source Blue/White, White/Gold, Black/Red, Dusk, Robes of darkness Enchanted Hat, Robe Top, Robe Skirt, Gloves, Boots Mystic robes are a popular medium-level Magic armour.When wielding all of Ahrim's robes, including the staff, spells have a chance of reducing their target's Strength.However, the skirts provide no Combat bonuses.3rd age mage equipment edit edit source Hat, Robe Top, Robe (Bottom), Amulet 3rd age mage equipment are a high-level Magic armour.I recommend doing this since its easy and profitable however it is less Xp/Hr then just curse-splashing an opponent.This, combined with the increased cost, make it a very rare sight.Tip: Bring along Falador Teleport elk grove casino opening date runes or a teleport tab is you are a member which you can obtain on mmoearn for free to tele back when you have achieved a full inventory of goodies!They give a higher magical attack and Defence bonus than Infinity robes, but a slightly smaller bonus than Ahrim's robes.Xp/Hr: 200k This is the same as Curse/Alch the difference being you have a much better spell Stun which you are able to use.
3rd age mage robes are mainly used as a status symbol, rather than a practical set of robes.
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Xp/Hr: 50k, this is far more expensive, however faster and easier.
With regards to blocking, you're misunderstanding what is going.
55-80 High Alch Attention Required: Medium Recommended: Fire Staff Required Items: 1 Nature Rune,5 Fire Rune and Patience/Tv Xp/Hr: 75k Pretty straight-forward, high-alching is the most used magic training in runescape because it doesnt need much attention.You can also tele-grab whilst doing this to increase the xp per hour.The simple answer for this comes in looking how much damage you're supposed to do versus how much damage you do do when you hit a high armor target.So since I've watched, a Friend's video about the six hour AFK magic experience method, I've been poker red line course wondering what gear setup I can achieve a negative 68 magic attack bonus while wielding a Steam battlestaff while also on my one defence pure.We recommend you buy the ores and then sell the bars to achieve the highest profit rate per hour.

Ahrim's robetop and robeskirt are often combined with other pieces of armour to form a high Magic Defence set of armour.
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