«Contraflow» (Smith, Watts) 4:06, «last Commands of Xyralothep Via.E.S.» (Milner, Smith) 3:20.
Smith, Jim Watts) 3:46 «Mountain» (Dave Milner, Smith) 3:22 «Sparta 2 (Ben Pritchard, Smith, Watts) 3:49 «Contraflow» (Smith, Watts) 4:05 «Xralothep» (Milner, Smith) 3:20 «Janet.«Theme From Sparta.C.» (Ben Pritchard, Smith, Watts) 3:43.«Mountain Energei» (Dave Milner, Smith) 3:22.Johnny» (Pritchard, Smith) 4:15 «Boxoctosis» (Smith, Watts) 3:45 «The Past» (Smith, Watts) 2:19 «Mod Mock Goth» (Smith, Elenor Poulou) 4:12 «Protein Protection» (Milner, Pritchard, Smith, Watts) 3:17 «Mikes Love Hexagon» (Smith, Watts) 4:59 «41.Loop / Houston» (Lee Hazlewood) 3:28 «Portugal» (Smith, Simon Archer, Milner, Poulou.«Open the Boxoctosis #2» (Smith, Watts) 3:46.«Green Eyed» (Mark.Smith, Jim Watts) 3:47.«Proteinprotection» (Milner, Pritchard, Smith, Watts) 3:19.«Janet, Johnny James» (Pritchard, Smith) 4:15.«The Past #2» (Smith, Watts) 2:20.
«Loop41 Houston» lee Hazlewood ) 3:20, «mikes Love Xexagon» (Smith, Watts) 4:59.
Challenge: lis before the storm bonus episode rearrange the numbers to have them all add to twenty-two in all twelve directions.
Hexagon » (Smith, Watts) 4:59.
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