Glide down from Heathens Hold Waypoint towards Savage Rise.
Recover Zinns third recording, take 2x Thermal Tube from Heathens Hold Waypoint and glide your way to the bellagio hotel and casino 3600 s las vegas blvd inquest camp where you can find the third recording among the Inquest mobs.
Recover Zinns twelfth recording, this is inside Iota vault.The timer below has a slight modification on the authors original code.Keep running and look up for a crack in the ceiling.Take the 2x Thermal Tube from Heathens Hold Waypoint and make sure to grab the Oakheart Essence after the second thermal tube.Once you are on that ledge, keep running and pick up the Oakheart nearby.Recover Zinns thirteenth recording, you can glide down here from Heathens Hold Waypoint and pick up an Oakheart essence along the way to grapple yourself up to this little cavern by the ceiling.This map timer uses the code created by Famme.As soon as you land, look for a tiny hole on your right that you can jump in and get the recording.Includes timers for meta event in the new HoT zones and Dry Top.As you begin to descend, glide to the right side in a valley filled with earth elementals.Shoot yourself across to this large cavern opening.Recover Zinns tenth recording, go northwest from Ancient Hollow waypoint towards the dead end.GW2 HoT Maps Timer by Famme.
It will be tricky to get there since the crack is really high so you cant reach it in one shot.
You will find a small opening on the ground to your left.
To the left of the waterfall is a ledge with wasps so use Oakheart nearby to throw yourself.
Glide your way to the location with all the destroyers and you will see an opening.Take the thermal tubes that shoot you to Rata Arcanum but take the Oakheart Essence by the divng goggles as you glide off.For the eighth recording, use the double thermal tubes from Heathens Hold Waypoint to shot yourself across.You can use an oakheart to access.Recover Zinns fifth recording.There is a ledge on your right that you can fly up to if you are high enough.Achievement, this achievement rewards you with 6 AP and the Sentinent Singularity consumer that can consume any excess Unbound Magic you have.This recording is slightly off lotto 6 marzo 2018 the ground of Savage Rise.Make your way to the vault from Heathens Hold Waypoint and take a right once inside.Recover Zinns second recording.Recover Zinns fourth recording, run from Heathens Hold Waypoint, grab the Oakheart Essence nearby and grapple you way too this little ledge.

Once you are up there, go to your right for the recording.