guild killibg the voss bonus

Recruitment: Looking for - 1 resto shaman 1 Melee (maybe) 1 Balance, 1 lock 1 Ranged.
Our Ethos is simple we aim to be among the best guilds in our raiding bracket without going outside our stated raid times, a summary of our previous background can be found below: Silence History, silence is an old guild originally founded in 2006 before.
We're constantly trying to improve our own raid-group through working together aswell as recruiting new, skilled players to be a part of our journey.About if toisen auton bonus us: Just Kill the Boss is a guild consists of a core of old raiders who have played together for a long time, we transferred to Kazzak in December 2016.The progress in The Burning Crusade varied from being among the top 3 guilds on the server to a staggering world 7th kill on Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Caverns.Although alts are not mandatory many of our players are able to play alts to as high a level as their main, potential recruits should consider this a big plus as it allows us to maintain a streamlined roster although its not essential.Only atack then opotunity alow, enhanceyour weapons with resins or with sunlight blade, or Crystal Magic Weapons.All poison Res, whatever gives resist against it, dmg boost, etc.Maybe there's a way beyond to kill it (which may be intended from the devs if that's the case, then the only nerf it needs is to adjust it a bit to fit our server needs.At that point Silence started to prepare for Mists of Pandaria.Their strenght: alot of melee range, quantily, Flying Backatack, Spiting Fire.A stable and solid guild with leadership that has extensive experience in guild management across the past 11 years, we raid a casual schedule to maintain a healthy game/real-life balance and as such our objective is to be as efficient as possible with our raid.One of the problems on the crusader is: The protector talent (which gives you a huge boost on aggro) is NOT on the same tree as the -10 dmg taken from bosses talent (which name I forgot, sorry so you can't use both of them.
It's a full-guild effort to kill a single boss with the only benefit of it having a small chance to drop a card (Other gears can be acquired without killing it).
Just before releasing next raiding instance the guild was reduced to merely a social guild and at some point completely inactive.
After quickly clearing Dragon Soul on 10man Heroic the guild went through another major transformation and recruited our way up to 25man.
We drop down to a 1-2 day clear on Weds/Thurs after progress.Always willing to consider exceptional apps that can challenge our roster and improve it, even if your class isn't mentioned above.The guild was founded with a desire to create a raiding-oriented guild with the priority being progress.Dont be greedy @ atack only 2 hits then retreat, dont use Estus Flask use Life gems, or Radiant Life Gems are much faster.In NG use the Large Club for Better result, use summon to bait their atack on him and use Flame Swathe, try not to get surrounded by them.In MOP Silence went from strength to strength, rebuilding from scratch in MSV to ending up as the World Rank 47 25 man guild to kill Garrosh on Heroic, this was extra rewarding for all the hard work put in by the entire guild.This lasted until the latter part of Cataclysm, when old officers and raiders of Silence came back to the game and wanted to reignite what was once one of the greatest guilds on Silvermoon.Council: Davro, Sniperbro, Grimclaw / nacoustic, Celes.Clearing Dragon Soul on 25man Heroic took only 3 weeks.Strategies: In NG use a Black Smith Hammer or Amorer Hammer for melee, use Pine Resin, no summon if you have Flame Swathe use it when @ least 3 of them are spawned, try not be surrounded by them.

Schedule: Weds/Thurs/Mon: 20:30-23:30 ST, sunday: 20:30-23:30 ST (First 4 weeks of mythic).
Their weeknes: Blunt Weapons, Magic, Lightning, Aoe Atack like Flame swathe.