This hand plays tremendously on several different boards, ranging from 7 8 X to and everything in between, so you'll usually have at least a gutshot draw after the 50 no deposit bonus casino flop.
Another safe course of action in early position would be to test the waters with an open, but retreat at the first sign of aggression in the form of a three bet.These hands are like pale imitations of their suited predecessors, and they should be played with the appropriate level of caution when compared to the suited alternative.Ten high boards are a different story, however, because players do tend to stick around with K 10, Q 10, J 10, and 9 10, all of which you'll be dominating with your ace kicker.Hand, ranks, wIN percentage 2 / 169 26, the cowboys are the second strongest starting hand in the game, and unless your opponent has A A specifically, pocket kings will always rate to be an overwhelming favorite.Suddenly your powerhouse is crushed by weak aces like A-9 and even A-2.The risk is far greater than the reward when playing a hand like 2 6, so chuck it and wait for a better hand in almost every case.
In this scenario, an early raise followed by a reraise or two typically signals hands like A K or better, so playing pocket queens at that pokerstars first deposit bonus rakeback point can put you in a bad position.
Read on to see where your favorite hand really stands on the holdem hierarchy, according to Rank X / 169 and win percentage probability of winning versus nine random hands: hand, ranks, wIN percentage 1 / 169 31, known affectionately as American Airlines, pocket rockets.
Unless you're heads-up you have to treat A-J the same as A-T rather than playing it as if it's A-K.
In the perfect scenario which admittedly will not occur all that often you'll find a 2 5 X flop when holding.
All in all, 5 9 suited will be laid down in almost all spots.
These are garbage hands, plain and simple, only to be played with position and stack size factors dictate pure aggression.
So a hand like Seven Nine suited is a favorite holding for that crowd, as it tends to land straights in a such a way that opponents don't always notice.Hand ranks WIN percentage 84 / 169.80 Although the Three Four suited falls near the lower end of the hand ranking spectrum, it holds one special point of appeal for longtime holdem players: the wheel straight.Hand ranks WIN percentage 65 / 169.90 66 / 169.90 67 / 169.70 68 / 169.70 69 / 169.60 70 / 169.40 The group of four suited small card hands shown above 4 5, 5 7, 6 9,.As with any ace rag hand, playing these from early position is never advisable, while opening from late position in an unraised pot is considered standard.Hand ranks WIN percentage 46 / 169.20 Your basic baby pocket pair, pocket fives is a set miner's dream, because a 5 on board is usually considered a blank by opponent's holding big cards.Pocket jacks are considered one of the hardest premium hands to play in poker.The big difference, however, is that pocket queens are vulnerable to A K, which gives an opponent two over cards to work with for a coin flip scenario.Hand ranks WIN percentage 30 / 169.40 As your basic middle of the road suited ace, a hand like Ace Seven suited really has one prime directive above all else: make the nut flush.Hand ranks WIN percentage 140 / 169.30 Most unsuited two gap combinations are inferior hands, and Ten Six off suit is no different.From early and middle position, you'll be well served to simply ditch the hand, but in certain spots from late position, opening and punishing blind hands with an ace and a decent kicker will be the right play.So a king high flush draw in those particular spots tends to be the best draw, but conversely, when you flop a king here, you'll always be outkicked by an opponent who played K Q, K J, K 10, or K 9 cautiously.In reality, you'll seldom be caught playing King Eight, suited or otherwise.Weve compiled a list of the best starting hands in Holdem below, which should provide a solid framework for beginner and intermediate poker players.In other words, players back then just didn't get into the pot with A J or worse very often, if at all.

Even flops like 10 9 X and K 10 X provide a tremendous opportunity, creating open ended straight draws to the nuts that are partially concealed from casual opponents.
While the hand has a huge winning percentage against any random two cards, its absolutely crushed by pocket aces, pocket kings and pocket queens.
The reasoning behind this almost accurate urban legend is simple really: J 10 suited can make more straights than any other hand, K Q 9, 8 9 Q, and 7 8 9, all of which make the nuts; with the added flush outs putting.