On the back of the hotel building, you can drop down each level, starting at dark souls 2 attunement slot gear the roof in the spaces between platforms or use the Antigravity Goat mutator for this one).
When you drop into the container, immediately headbutt the G-2 robot to avoid getting shoved out.
Walk out on top of the arm toward the Construction Site and walk up the suspension cable.
Builder Goat or, anti-Gravity Goat mutators.Open the hatch with something very toxic: nuclear waste (see green square).On the top of the lightning rod on the roof of the Golden Tower (use antigravity goat mutator) In a cave behind the circus, towards where the outside cannon is pointing.If you cant find it, just hit a police officer, hell throw you in there.Stand on the edge löfstad slott wikipedia of the belltower and ragdoll to fall under the bell.Past the Vase Shop, at the end of the walkway going towards the Dam, almost under the bridge.In the back of the goat farm hut near the barn.
On top of the beam that's above the giant hole next to the barn (be extremely careful).
On top of the turbine.
In the Sugar House.
Inside the Low Gravity Testing Facility.Goatwind Wall, at the north end, in the shade of a tree.You may have to bounce multiple times to get enough height.On top of the academy's highest ray pelaamo kuusamo building.Trophies and, collect All the Trophies.The Angel Goat might also help.Goatshire, one building south of the tavern, on a table on the first floor.On the Coffee Stain Studios chimney.In the Starter House, in the bedroom with green walls on the second floor.On top of the Low Gravity Testing Facility, under one of the spinning arms.Those who want to make things even easier should consider the.Above canteen door after disabling gravity.To the right of the Harvester, next to a small sedan.In a cave at the base level of the mattress building.

In the blue shipping container hanging from the Crane.