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7 Today, fielding a Funny Car team can cost between.6 and US3 million.
History edit In drag racing in the mid-1960s, Top Fuel horsepower began to be combined with bodied cars with altered wheelbases to produce the first "funny cars" (originally a derisive term).A b McClurg,.42 caption.33 In 1967, Proffitt would take over the failed Grant Rebel SST AMC Rambler, aided by Les Shockley, "Famous" Amos Satterlee, and Dwight Guild.There can only be two valves per cylinder.Force's former crew chief, Austin Coil, also has logged the highest number of wins in that position.9 nhra Top Fuel Funny Car champions edit 1969 Clare Sanders (Funny Car Eliminator) 1974 - Shirl Greer 1975 - Don Prudhomme 1976 - Don Prudhomme 1977 - Don Prudhomme 1978 - Don Prudhomme 1979 - Raymond Beadle 1980 - Raymond Beadle 1981 - Raymond.A veikkaus hiihto mm lahti b c d e f g h i j k l m n o Burgess, Phil National Dragster Editor.A couple of Bloody Marys or several glasses of champagne, and suddenly it's like you're on a roller coaster." "In America there are two classes of travelfirst class, and with children."."Early Funny Car History 101 written, at m (retrieved ) a b Wallace,.26.10 By June, the number was over a dozen, including factory Mustangs and Cyclones with 427 cammers.9 The dominance of John Force Racing ended in 2006 and between 20 was equaled by Don Schumacher Racing (DSR with three TF/FC titles each.38 (This engine would later be replaced by a 392 hemi prepared by John Hoven and Glenn Okazaki.) That same year, Leal would sell his 'cuda to Don Schumacher.The car must maintain a 3 in (76 mm) ground clearance.And also, you're drunk." "Man is flying too fast for a world that is round.Every Funny Car has ballistic blankets covering the supercharger because this part of the engine is prone to explosion.
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14 Funny car success followed the popularity of gassers, the previous favorite doorslammer class.
The rate/degree of lockup is mechanically/pneumatically controlled and preset before each run according to various conditions, in particular track surface.
1, funny car bodies typically reflect the models of newly available cars in the time period that the funny car was built.
Funny Car as a class traces its roots to Super Stock, through "the intriguingly named Optional Super Stock class to A/Factory Experimental (A/FX which nhra introduced in 1962, and ultimately XS (experimental stock).
10 Three months after the Chargers' debut, the factory-backed Sachs and Sons 1964 Mercury Comet, powered by a supercharged sohc 427 "cammer", made its debut, at the 1964 Nationals in Indianapolis.39 Tragedy struck the same year, with the death of Jerry Schwartz in the ex-Foster Mach.Bonkowski, Jerry (January 15, 2015).All ProductsBooksCDsVideosDVDs back TO TOP clicks ON OUR ADS AND purchases VIA OUR amazon links help support this free site.The engines in Funny Cars commonly exhibit varying piston heights and ratios that are determined by the piston's proximity to the air intake.Updated) nhra: After nearly 20 years away, John Force Racing returns to Chevrolet/GM in 2015".How can cities be improved to ensure that their billions of residents have energy-efficient transportation, housing, waste-stream management, as well as clean air and water?This would go under the Mustang Mach Is of Danny Ongais and Mickey Thompson.Part of the answer lies in Peak Oil and Energy Demand.During safety evaluations in the wake of the fatal crash of Scott Kalitta on June 21, 2008, in Englishtown,.J., the nhra reduced the distance of Top Fuel and Funny Car races to 1,000 feet effective July 2, 2008.BAD ideas FOR NEW airline names Airline Cartoon zombie news clips from THE tomb OF THE unreal - military madness Military Cartoon things that BUG passengers about flying Flying Cartoon monty python flying lessons This flight trainer offers a completely different kind of flying lessons.9 Contents Guidelines edit The nhra has strict guidelines for Funny Cars.

Most nhra Funny Car wins edit References edit Dahlquist, Eric (April 1966).
Wallace,.24 and.