frost mage best in slot

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Relative value of 30 in crit uses 300 of that rating as its crit rating to run a simulation.
Posted by, is there an Extended Mage BiS spreadsheet?CSS Contributor u/Babyhoof, discord Mod u/AutoModerator View All Moderators.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.Content must be related to WoW: Classic.Equip: Please use your rhailand inrener poker spec's theorycrafters resources for more indepth information.For indepth information about your spec use your theorycrafters resources linked below the charts.Most of the time best and worst are pretty close.Log in or Sign up log in sign up r/classicwow.0k Members1.4k Online, a community for Classic World of Warcraft fans.No real world politics or religion.The below gear list and azerite power selections are from the Best in Slot (BiS) gear list used when running DPS simulations to find the maximum theoretical DPS.SimulationCraft 's default profiles.If the profile has for example 1000 secondary stats, a dot (profile) with.
The chart shows the simulated DPS of different secondary distributions of the otherwise same profile.
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Be Civil and Respectful.Don't share how to cheat.Red is the best result, blue the worst.These overviews are an entry point.Warning: All charts are about dealing damage only!Related subreddits, weekly Threads, moderators u/iamapandaBearAMA u/spearmints u/iDylo, cSS Contributor u/Undoer u/ClassicWoWMods u/mr_rosh, cSS Contributor u/SoupaSoka u/Nooble5.This site provides an overview about trinkets, azerite traits, and others for almost all specs in World of Warcraft using.