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The seven affinities award bonuses as follows: Affinity Atk Def Hit Avo Crt Ddg Fire. Thunder. Wind. Ice. Dark.0.0.
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Perhaps this is one of the grand truths of the world.It is an attribute innate to every playable unit which gives them one of several elemental affiliations which influence the effects of supports on a unit.The maximum obtainable stars.That is when the elements reveal their true power.It gives a bonus to hit and avoid to any unit with the same affinity as your Tactician.Dayan:.Those elements hold no power on their own.For each Tactician star, all playable characters receive 1 Critical Evade.Guy fire affinity ) and, karel light affinity add the two bonuses given.Additionally, in Radiant Dawn, affinity only influences the effects of buddy supports, while all bond supports provide the same crit bonus regardless of affinity In Path of Radiance, all bosses except Tomenami have an affinity, while generic enemies and NPCs still do not.1 According to both mythologies, affinities are powerless on their own, but forming bonds and "linking hearts" with others reveals their true power, although neither Dayan nor Jodel is sure what this true power.Anima, november, ice, december, thunder, tactician Stars, in the Fortune-Tactician window, one star is awarded for every 12 Tactician points obtained.The light of day and the darkness of night that engulf the land.Depending on the game, enemy and NPC forces may or may not have affinities as well.According to my clan's beliefs, I am protected by the anima affinity.For pokerstars thirty bonus the attributes applied to weapons.
No enemies in The Binding Blade have affinities.
The types of affinites are as follows: (the original 7) (In, path of Radiance and, radiant Dawn, water replaced Ice, Earth replaced Anima, and Heaven was added).
Playable characters with the same Affinity as the Tactician receive an additional 1 Accuracy and 1 Avoid for each star.However, you will only obtain it if the Tactician is present.The Japanese versions of the game also feature the ability to choose the tactician's blood type, which further altered their affinity.May: Wind, june: Anima, july: Fire, august: Dark.Affinities are assigned to the tactician based on birth month as follows: ntsc/PAL JPN content3 content4 content5 content6 content7 content8 content9 content10 content11 content12 content13 content14 content15 Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn feature eight affinities.There are two slightly different versions of the Epilogue, depending on whether the Tactician is present or not.Every person in this world is protected by one of these elements.In addition, a player controlled unit with a map-matching affinity had a better likelihood of finding hidden items as opposed to units that did not.The character that appears depends on the current chapter youre.In, fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, different chapter maps were given an affinity.These are added and rounded down to the nearest integer to give both of them 1 attack, 2 hit rate, 5 avoid, 2 crit, and 2 dodge when they are positioned within 3 spaces of each other.Credits: Nitrodon (Tactician Points when you start a new game, you will be prompted to make a profile for yourself, as the Tactician of the protagonists army.Dayan, affinities (Japanese: attribute known as attributes in, path of Radiance, are a game mechanic which were introduced.Affinity is a unique stat first appearing.

Despite the return of the support system in the next game, Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, Affinity remains absent.