This is essentially a raid wipe.
However, Phoenix will cast Flames of Rebirth and revives you with full HP, no weakness, full LB3, and the nettikasinot missä toimii siru mobiili buff Phoenix's Blessing.As party composition is variable, you will have to discuss among your group where mitigation should be placed.This determines whether you should spread out during this phase, to avoid doubling up on Meteor Streams, or to stack together and soak Thermionic Beam.The time dragons dive diablo 3 massacre bonus tier list depends on their position in the arena.Flatten : Physical tankbuster dealing massive physical damage, that must be mitigated.Liquid Hell will always target a random player that's past a certain distance from Twintania. .Begin by stacking in the middle, to bait Bahamut and Twintania's dives.
After casting Bahamut's Favor, Nael will yell out a", and 2 random party members will be inflicted with Thunderstruck.
Lunar Dynamo Thermionic Beam O red moon, shine the path to conquest!
Morn Afah Akh Morn x3 Exaflare Akh Morn x4 Morn Afah Exaflare Morn Afah Akh Morn x5 Exaflare Morn Afah Akh Morn x6 Exaflare Morn Afah Morn Afah (Enrage) If you've defeated Bahamut Prime, congratulations!
Liquid Hell (Distance) Generate x2 Liquid Hell (Target) Fireball Death Sentence Double Generate Twister Plummet At 3:00, Twintania will become untargettable and cast Aetheric Profusion, dealing lethal damage to all players, serving as an enrage.
In the event that your finished position after the dive is near a tower location, I'd recommend defaulting clockwise to follow this diagram.
The Light Dragon will cast Wings of Salvation, placing white puddles on the ground under random players.
Immediately after the fifth Liquid Hell, Nael will mark 2 random DPS, 1 random healer, and 1 random tank with Megaflare circles.A tank swap is required.After dropping her first neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will begin casting Liquid Hell.Heavensfall Trio Bahamut Nael Twin appear at the edge of the arena.This cannot be baited.