I usually get one mr slot review or two emails every month from somebody interested in my algorithm or poker code.
The values for the card faces correspond with the card values used by the Hand.
When evaluating the win/split using the "erControl1 it will calculate the percentages in about 1 second for my pocket cards, but when it is asked to evaluate my pocket cards plus 3 flop cards, the result takes about 4-5 seconds.With just two easy calculations and two quick lookups, we have eliminated 2574 out of the 7462 possible distinct hand values.This may not be the clearest way for humans to represent this information, but for computers it's natural, and in this case natural means fast.Hi Keith, I'm three years late to the party.Next comes Four Kings with an Ace kicker.(c5 AND 0xFF) Again, these are bitwise ANDs.C(4,3) possible ways to select three Aces out of a possible four, and.Not very large at all.Of course, four people will step forward, each holding a Royal Flush in each of the four suits.The smallest bit pattern would be 0x001F (decimal 31 and the highest would be 0x1F00 (decimal 7936).
Probably doesnt work but you should understand.
The highest ranking of 21 combinations is the one you want to know.
If the above expression yields a value of zero, then we don't have a Flush.
165: four people holding Four Deuces with a Four kicker 166: four people holding Four Deuces with a Trey kicker.The program I wrote simply sets the card strings to 'UserControl1' as follows: userControl11.Opponents opp; gop3 poker hack / opp is always set.After a lot of thought, I had a brainstorm to use prime numbers.(Or am I missing something)?Is there a setting anywhere for a quicker calculation with results that might be off by a percent or two?Let's call this array flushes.We used it at one point for some pre-flop evaluation.One technique that can be used is to analyze the potential of a player's hand compared to an average opponent.Documentation is sparse at the moment, sorry about that, and obviously I did not really bother to package it or clean.One last step is required, however, before multiplying our prime rank values.So don't email me asking for the code or algorithm, because I can't give it to you.In other words, somebody holding an AJ942 flush in spades has the exact same value hand as somebody with an AJ942 flush in clubs.First, I do another bitwise OR of all five cards, and then bit shift that value 16 bits to the right: q (c1 OR c2 OR c3 OR c4 OR c5) 16 Note that if we have a Flush, then all five card ranks are.The one difference is that it tells you what the best expected value is (see the text in the upper right) and the current expected value based on the hold settings.