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Flats flies we have the right size bead-chain to achieve the proper sink rate.
Lets start with our Hareline Pseudo Eyes.Little Book of Feng Shui At Work.How To Quickly Add A Bead Head To A Hook holdem table positions Video.Below is a guide to choosing the right bead size. .Brass Beads usually come in several different colors, both plated and painted. .
This is the style of bead that is used on most flies.
The larger hole faces backwards and lead wire can be wrapped around the hook and slid into this space. .
The wrong sized bead will either not fit over the hook or will completely swallow the fly. .If you are not really sure of the style of hook and the bead, choose the bead that has the hook size right in the middle of the range. .The right sized bead makes the fly perfectly proportional and easily fits around the bend of the hook. .Measures 4" x 18".Glass fly tying beads add amazing sparkle and just a tiny bit of weight to our midges.Includes two methods of attachment, Velcro or a slotted Lucite stand - as well as a Booster Mirror, for you to place in the best position for your viewing advantage.Our fly tying experts find that there is some variation in the size of fly tying beads and fly tying cones that will fit over specific fly tying hooks.Our selection of fly tying beads, fly tying cones, coneheads and and fly tying eyes of various kinds for fly tying is as extensive as our selection of fly tying supplies, fly tying materials, fly tying hackle feathers, fly tying kits, and fly tying hackle.Fly Tying Bead Sizing, fly Tying Beads are sized either in Millimeters or Inches. .Glass Beads, glass Beads are great for midges and small flies. .Fly Tying Bead Head Sizing Chart 1/16.5MM Hook Sizes 20-24 5/64.0MM Hook Sizes 16-20 3/32.4MM Hook Sizes 14-18 7/64.8MM Hook Sizes 12-16 1/8.2MM Hook Sizes 10-14 5/32.0MM Hook Sizes 8-12 3/16.5MM.Fly tying cones (cone heads).

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