Relevant Changes (Patches, Updates, etc) For Dragonbones update As of the Dragonbones patch, Stamina Nightblades will be doing much better thanks to improved resource management and some quality of life improvements to Grim Focus. .
While active, hitting an enemy with 5 Light or Heavy Attacks changes poker night 2 tf2 items how to get this ability into Assassins Will, allowing you to fire a single shot from a spectral bow at an enemy to deal 1479 Magic Damage.
This ability can be applied to an infinite amount of targets, so try and hit each enemy with this when youre fighting groups the size of 3 and under. Successfully landing Light or Heavy attacks will restore a small bit of Stamina (if morphed to Leeching and after the 20 second duration or if recasted, it will restore a burst of Stamina back.Forward Momentum (morph of Momentum Two Handed skill line) The saving grace for heavy armor builds after the Clockwork City patch. .However, most of the times players forget to re-activate Leeching Strikes for a while which means you will loose a lot of sustain over time, so make sure to notice when it finished so you can immediately reapply.Twin Blade and Blunt The purpose of this passive is to give us passive damage amps while dual wielding.Attacking with Concealed Weapon while Sneaking or invisible stuns the enemy and sets them Off Balance for 4 seconds.Ambush (morph of Teleport Strike Assassination skill line) No real Nightblade would find themselves caught with the infamous Spambush on their bars. .Trials Dungeons Setup, gear, skills, champion Points ( 810, 600, 300).Blade Cloak (AoE DoT and Damage mitigation morph to preference) A newfound skill for Stamina builds that helps us stay alive through the harshest of content.If using Two Handed; Poisons or Berserker enchant is ideal. .
Grants Minor Endurance, increasing your Stamina Recovery.
You have a lot of freedom, as all races work well in PvP in some shape or form.
Paired with the Major Savagery buff from potions youll be near 100 easily.
Flex Option; Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor Alliance War Assault skill line) A massive AoE heal over time accessible to anyone whos ventured into Cyrodiil for a while.
Debilitate Cast Time Duration Target Range Cost Instant 8s Enemy 28m 3240 Magicka Sap an enemys agility and bolster your own, dealing 1410 Magic Damage over 8 seconds and reducing their Movement Speed by 40.
Keep in mind that most DPS builds will run very similar gear sets, but there are always deviations depending on the class and play style.The only skill that will retain this trait after swapping off, is Rearming Trap Beast.Rank II - Assassination Rank 50 Increases damage dealt by Critical Damage done by 10.However it is easily telegraphed and only really will hit targets who cant escape the range. .You can also use Reaper's Mark and apply it to a enemy with low health, upon monster death you will get a 25 damage boost for a short duration.Blackrose Maelstrom Arena, changes from the previous version, there were a lot of changes to the Nightblade with the Elsweyr Chapter.Impenetrable helps load off damage, Infused (only use on big pieces like Chest, Helm, and Legs) helps our Tri Stat glyphs get more efficiency, and Well Fitted helps us dodge and sprint more.Deals 300 more damage to targets at/or below 25 Heath.Hemorrhage with AN assassination ability slotted Rank I - Assassination Rank 39 Increases damage dealt by Critical Damage done.Impale Cast Time Target Range Cost Instant Enemy 25m 2431 Magicka Throw a magic blade with lethal precision to strike an enemy, dealing 409 Magic Damage.Rank II - Assassination Rank 27 When an enemy dies within 2 seconds of being damage by one of your Assassination abilities, you restore 1876 Magicka or Stamina, whichever maximum is higher.

Keep in mind that this 5 piece is only active on our Dual Wield bar, so thats why our damage is all on our front bar. .