Several of Arthur's knights later suffer this at the lotto ja jokeri kierros 48 hands of Lamia.
This also happens when somebody is "worn by their clothes and the Life Fibres in their garments forcibly bend the wearer's will to their own.
Happens very briefly in most parts of any Slayers media, usually to townspeople.
This is reversed later by Nefario's antidote Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3, when Lotso has Buzz reset into demo mode and convinces him that Jessie and.Finally, Padan Fain can induce this effect in people he interacts with, thanks to being a walking Hate Plague.Midway through Alpha 3, several story paths intersect thanks to this trope.Miraculous Ladybug : This is Hawk Moth 's modus operandi; he finds normal people who are feeling negative emotions and turns them into supervillains under his command.Louis." Hilarity Ensues, of the actually hilarious variety.Since Julia is necessary for defeating the final boss, you must carefully distract her without killing her while sending the rest of your army to assassinate Manfroy and free her.Occurs a few times in The Lion King Adventures : Nala is kidnapped by Hago and tortured into becoming a killer.Happens to George in a Nancy Drew book, though she doesn't harm anyone, just spends the book bed-ridden and terrified and constantly begging Nancy to drop the case, lest harm come to her.Wolverine had lashed out with his six claws of bone and torn three gashes in Carol Danvers's stomach.Only years after Ned's death, his name is cleared.
The players who suffer from this even perceive their allies as faceless horrors while Yogg-Saron whispers his insane drivel to them!
In the Tales of Ash saga, this happens to both Chizuru Kagura aegis christmas bonus minus one in 2003 and Rugal's daughter Rose.
Tommy Oliver, the first Green Ranger, had it happen three times.
However, the Pink ranger.
This happens to the Romulan player character in Star Trek Online, who due to bad luck with an Iconian portal ends up falling into the Tal Shiar's hands and ends up a test-subject for brainwashing into a loyal agent.More exactly, both are controlled as a sort of People Puppets by Botan from Those of the Past.Original Generation Gaiden adds more people in this trope: Shouko, Lamia and Fernando (Though Fernando has actually fallen into this trope since his debut in Compact 3) Happens to Touma in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, though it's not like he's subjected into brainwashing.He gets better via a Tap on the Head.In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, Ginga is brainwashed by the villains, and is then sent to kill her younger sister Subaru.Can be snapped out of it when people he cares about are in danger to be hurt by him.Sword of the Stars II reveals that the Screamers are actually Morrigi who were turned against their own by Suul'ka.If it goes to zero or you remain trapped inside his head when the hallucination sequences end, you go mad for the remainder of the battle, attacking your allies.Ristar has the manual state that the leaders are brainwashed by Greedy to do his bidding.It's also been implied that deep down, the old Chun-Li is still there on some level, and is at least partially aware of what she has done.