Brooks, Betty Fedor, Leola Fraim, Rev.
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Jack Withers, RVP Everett Cline" Photograph October British Honor Randolph British Iris Society International Foster Memorial Plaque Award October.Edwards Shows Empire State Iris Society April Exhibiting at Iris Shows "Nelson, Irene S" Shows How to Show Iris April In memoriam Mrs.Routon" Garden Reports April Garden Effects Mrs.Smith Photograph April B Miss Petite MayBelle Wright Photograph April B Dream Date Richard.Grove Median Iris Varietal Comments January B "John.Long Photograph July From The President's Desk Robert.Hager Photograph October B Queen of Hearts.Jacoby Photograph July B In Long's Garden at Boulder William.Cooley" Photograph July Third Day of the National Convention Mrs.Clarke Cosgrove President's Letter April B Queen of Hearts Opal Brown Photograph April "Glenn Hanson, Distinguished Service Medal,.Lewis Jones Blake, awarded Medal for Distinguished Service in 1945 by AIS" July Chromosomes without Aspirin "Scott., W F" Hybridizing Counting Chromosomes July B Phillip.Kuesel Photograph July Favorite Guest Irises Tall Bearded Symposium July AIS Awards '68 Awards July B Glenn Hanson Photograph July B Frances Ehle July Come As An Iris May Belle Wright Meetings July The Williamson-White Award Awards Addition of Mrs.Zink Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B "Orville Fay, Franklin Cook, Fred DeForest, Henry Sass,.Wister Regional Reports Pennsylvania February Regional Reports.
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