This apparently can be done by various classes but we believe the fastest, and most suitable class for it is the Witch Doctor.
If you have not upgraded that slot in about five levels, consider crafting yourself one at the Blacksmith.
Gambling for the hardest gear slots: this approach is only adopted with high endgame perspective in mind, and suggests you know your class and playstyle in and out.Normal rifts are best at gearing you up and supply you with Greater Rift keystones, the next important step in your progression.As a final note, avoid leveling lotto keno on Expert difficulty, as the experience gain to monster health increase ratio is heavily unfavorable in comparison with Hard.2019: Minor fixes to the guide.Doing Bounties This is also referred sat elixia bonus to as splitting bounties after the prevailing strategy for its completion: getting in a party of four people and dividing the bounties of each act between yourselves, one person per bounty.A Final Note However you decide your approach to Seasons, make sure you do it for the right reason: having fun and experiencing character growth.We reveal the "secrets" behind Diablo 3 Power Leveling.
Additionally, it's good to put another Gem of Ease into the weapon's socket, for an incredible experience boost.
Gambling for generic set slots: a solid strat that minimizes frustration, this approach suggests to research the competitive specs of your class and gamble for the slots that powerful sets have in common.
You need to have friends that will invite you to the event if they find in during Nephalem Rifts.
An exhaustive list would be hard to compile, so take a look at the endgame and farming guides for your chosen class and note some of the key legendaries.
As such, prioritize bounty farming when you need to extract a game changing legendary power (examples above) or craft a legendary or set item at the Blacksmith.
You need to have a well-geared character, possibly an Ancient weapon, and two level 25 Gems of Ease.
This is one of the strongest early boosts you can get in the first week of a Season, so do your Challenge Rift as soon as possible.This will ensure that.As a rule of thumb, remember that pre-70 gear will be quickly outgrown and pondering between items of similar power or rerolling any of them is more than likely a waste of your time.With such character, the player can level up through Cursed Chest events on Torment VI, and eventually lower the difficulty to farm id card badge hole slot punch heavy duty hand held different areas.Nevertheless, if you prefer (or simply end up) playing solo, check out the 'Massacre leveling' opportunity outlined below in the Playstyle section, as it will be your fastest option to reach level.It is advised to pick significant areas with good monster density.Refhl, twitch - /0coolgaming.

Making it that fast might require you also to use the Molten Wildbeest Gizzard gem, that will make you initially immune to all damage.