Waters Photograph October Irises in Retrospect and Prospect "Bailey, Douglas." History Hybridizing October B Lynn Reid Photograph October Judging at Hamburg "Fischer, Hubert." International Hamburg October B The Judges at Hamburg "Hagenbeck, Evelyn" Photograph October Pachydermous Manure "Anne.
William McGarvey" Photograph October B Paul Hoffmeister Prof.Tieman" McClure Photograph Youngest delegates at the Convention July B "Dr.Ellis Obituary Beryl Ellis July In memoriam Dorothy Freitas Mrs.Arthur Nelson Shows October B Mrs.Christie-Miller Awards Foster Memorial Award by The Iris Society (England) July Commercial Directory October B Down East October Let's Stop Playing and Act Grown Up "Allen, Robert E" Hybridizing Research Projects October Recognition For Dwarf Iris "Hill, H M" Hybridizing Encouragement SDB's Promotion October Iris.Carney President's Letter April saturday lotto numbers ghana B Enterprise.April From Rags to Riches Janice Green Commentary How to have a great fund raiser.
Randolph President's Letter April Growing Regelia (Hexapogon) Species Iris "Hoog, Michael H" Species Iris Culture April Collecting Trips for Western Natives Species Iris April Portland Preview Bennett.
Schultz, Elise Thurwachter, Bruce Walker, Ann Willenbrink" Obituary October Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting '83 Minutes October B "Claire Barr, Carol Ramsey, Hal Stahly" Photograph October Boyal Empress Charjoy Gardens Photograph January Fatial view of fields at Schreiner's Gardens Keith Keppel Photograph January.
Gaulter, Carl Schirmer, John Ohl,.
Pallida H5" Photograph January B "I.Fischer Affiliates "Meetings Median Iris Society, Spuria Iris Society and new Siberian Iris Society" July Distinguished Service Awards.Raymond Clark garden Sam.Robert Griesbach, Esther Fay Carter, Harry Randall, Margaret Gaskill, Orville Fay" Photograph July Regional Test Gardens "Minnick, C Robert" Test Gardens Louisianas July April in Alabama - with a taste of Tennessee Ira.January Those Iris People Rachel Chappell Varietal Comments January Minutes of Directors' Meeting Clifford.Beach Commentary How not to loose historic iris from old gardens January Presby memorial Iris Gardens Barbara.Ackerman, Walter Welch, Geddes Douglas, Marion Walker, Bee Warburton, Jack Durrance, Adelaide Peterson, Polly Anderson, Joe Hoage, Ed Long" Photograph Classification Group B "Robert Carney,.Milton Rosenthal Design Awards October B Class III Winner Arrangement Contest.Loomis and his Iris Aspenglow Everett.Jack Withers, RVP Everett Cline" Photograph October British Honor Randolph British Iris Society International Foster Memorial Plaque Award October.Franklin" President's Letter Hail Farewell January Report of the Secretary '48 "Douglas, Geddes" AIS Business January Report of the Treasurer '48 "Lapham, E G" Financial 1948 Stmt Profit and Loss of AIS January "News from a-NEW region, colorado" "Winegar, Nina N" Loomis-Lincoln Trek More Mohrs.

Hall Tall Bearded Iris "reprinted from 'the Iris Year Book'.
Mike Lockatell Commentary April Registration Office Price Increase Mike Lowe Registration/Introductions Taking VHS tapes converting to DVDs April So What's in Your Closet Janet Smith AIS Business Update on Increasing Unrestricted Donations April Treasurer's Report Jill Bonino Financial typos in January issue April Errata Kelly.
Ricker Photograph January B Ferris and Margaret Gaskill Photograph January Teens and Twenties Iris Smith Robins January B Phil Williams Photograph January In memoriam: Stafford.