In the Ten Carat Hill, there's a special challenge for you to capture as many Pokmon as you can.
Post-trial When the player resumes the Demo for the first time after finishing the initial adventure, Professor Kukui will give them the Ride Pager and the ability to use the Ride Pokémon Tauros.
If the player manages to catch 20 Pokémonone with every Poké Ball they were giventhe man at the entrance will be sleeping; if the player wakes him up, he will congratulate the player on their achievement.
The next time the player talks to her, she will reveal that she went to the beach with Machamp.If the player meets these people at these times, some of them will present the player with a gift.When the player takes pictures of the Pokémon, the snapshot startles the Pokémon, causing it to attack.After this adventure is completed, the game saves, and thereafter the player is mainly left to explore Hau'oli City and the surrounding areas, with a few simple challenges available, a few NPCs who will do special things after a certain number of days, and.Platform(s Nintendo 3DS, created by: GameFreak, description: The Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version will be availabled This is your chance to meet the Pokémon that can be found in November 18s Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!She notices you and then walks off.24 Days sryhmä bonukset kallis After Start - A girl in the port in the Marina of Hau'oli City is leaving Alola and needs support.If the player does not visit him until the 13th day or later, he will not give them anything.Name: Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo.
A policeman at the Hau'oli City Marina is standing guard in advance of some shady business that he heard will happen 18 days after the game was first saved.
Before that happens however, they run into two Team Skull Grunts, who pick a fight with the player and Hau.
Sina and Dexio appear in the Pokémon Center starting 14 days after the game was first saved.
A woman standing at the corner of the road near the City Hall showed up five days early to meet someone who helped her when she sprained her ankle.When the player tries to leave, they will run into Hau, who will introduce himself.Hau - On Sundays when the game is in night, you will find Hau in the Masalada Restaurant.If the player defeats the other three Trainers around the area (including mikko hoikkala pokeri Youngster Honus, who can be battled during the initial adventure they can then challenge the Ace Trainer, and if they defeat her, she will give the player a transferable Star Piece.After reading the letter, Sun heads to Hau'oli City Hall with his mother to register their new address.The player can talk to the woman multiple times to keep photographing Dugtrio.After taking photos of the two Jangmo-o and one Hakamo-o the player will hear another Hakamo-o from the other end of the cave.