James Hetfield (of Metallica) Florian Reischauer Photography, Creative Commons Hetfield is a strong supporter of both gun rights and lotto résultats tirage hunting.
James Earl Jones, public kolikkopelit 15 keskustelu Domain, jones once said, The world is filled with violence.Cupp Cupp is a well known political commentator, writer and television host.Jolie, an avid shooter (she has to be, to be getting her own 400k shooting range Jolie has several times expressed her support of the Second Amendment.I guess wed have to break it down into categories.Even a pacifist, he insists, would get violent if someone were trying to kill her.Youd use a rock or tear one of these chairs out of the floor.Lee Ermey Public Domain The Gunny himself!And yes, Id be able to use it if I had to If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, Ive no problem shooting them.Clapton, we can all relate.Chef Alton Brown, well just leave this here.The actor has repeatedly used his Twitter account to slam gun control policies and he told fellow celeb Rob Lowe that he would be keeping his guns during one exchange.Thats my thinking, right or wrong.Mantegna is an avid skeet shooter and competition shooter.
Ive been fascinated with all kinds of weapons my whole life, and as I have been able to afford to acquire pieces, here and there I started to collect.
Saying earlier this year following the shooting in Colorado, The right to bear arms is because thats the last form of defense against tyranny.
Just like in any group of people there are those who support and those who oppose private gun ownership and self defense.
Joe Mantegna Dan Huse (Commons) The Criminal Minds star has been an outspoken supporter of gun rights, giving interviews and hosting pro gun TV shows as well.
Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one.
Selleck has long found himself defending his views throughout his career, but has remained a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.
Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns.I made that choice as I thought this guy would be old-school and this would be the firearm he would carry.You might not care what some celebrities think, but a lot of people sadly do, so having some on our side certainly doesnt hurt.Adam Baldwin Creative Commons No relation to the anti gun Baldwin brothers.Eric Clapton According to an interview with The Sun in 2008, Clapton took up shooting in 2003 and has built up quite the collection of firearms including many high end shotguns.That wasnt the very first handgun I shot, but it was the one I ultimately used competitively.Gary Sinise Sinise gave a great, commonsense interview to Larry King (see below).Clapton liquidated some of his collection in 2008.

I just enjoy the caliber, Ive shot pretty much every handgun caliber you can think of, and the.45 ACP is perfect.
This is why we call them bad guys!