With this cheat, the last two steps will take less than one month.
In the "real world" people use money to make money, in this game you are using cookies to make cookies so that same principals apply.
What is the wrinkler strategy?3 3 comments, is there a best browser?Best way to spend sugar laskuni fi bonukset lumps?If you are interested in contributing, please contact.The following steps are taken, and if you start somewhere in the middle, the procedure is adapted accordingly.Of course, both can be done in parallel.Currently, still sugar lumps are the most precious resource, so the garden is used to get more of them.The bot will divide the ripening time for sugar lumps by 625.The bot does not support the current version of cookie clicker - what can I do?If none of this is applicable, send your question.Consider the following fictional scenario.
With the current design of the game, the step five takes at least five years (grinding) when each step is done without intermediate ascend.
When you start the bot right after a fresh start of cookie clicker, it will wait for the true neverclick and the hardcore achievements and therefore not clock and not buy upgrades.
Step 2: Wait for MeddleWeed.
Step 1: keep quiet until hardcore and neverclick, then buy everything until all grandma achievements are there, maybe get the first permanent slot with maximum cursors: this takes about 6 days.
What is the next object to be bought?
Therefore consider if the upgrade will net you enough cookies per second to warrant the purchase at this stage.Step 1: Enable the garden minigame.Step 6: get all shadow achievements and all the remaining achievements: about one month.This reduces (halves) the time for the level 10 achievements, but does not help for the golden sugar lump.Please make sure your javascript is enabled, then refresh.Step 8: get the golden sugar lump: more than three more years.The farm is making.8 of initial investment per second (taking 36 seconds to pay off the initial investment).The chocolate egg is kept s bonus maksupäivä 2017 as long as possible.The time in grinding is reduced very much by switching off night mode and by intermediate ascend, see below.What is the bot aiming at right now?The next building is the cheapest building that gives at least 50 of the max possible gain in cpc per cookie invested.This way, in normal play, the bot is missing four upgrades: Chocolate egg, Communal brainsweep, Elder Pact, and Sacrificial rolling pins.For more maths based strategy, please see the below link.

Step 5a: get all "bake xx cookies" achievements until 1 tredecillion: about 6 weeks.
Step 5: Sacrifice the garden for sugar lumps.