Head, torso Aquilonian ChestplateBlack Hand VestDarfari Skin ChestpieceDerketo Acolyte RobeDerketo Dancer BlouseEpic Aquilonian ChestplateEpic Cimmerian lotto trolley team iii t3254 Fur HarnessEpic Cimmerian Steel king billy big 4 bonus PauldronEpic Darfari Skin ChestpieceEpic Exceptional Aquilonian ChestplateEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Fur HarnessEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Steel PauldronEpic Exceptional Darfari Skin ChestpieceEpic Exceptional Heavy PauldronEpic Exceptional Hyena-fur ChestpieceEpic Exceptional.
Other Hand Abysmal ArrowsAcheronian ShieldAkbitanan ShieldAncient ShieldAncient Throwing AxeBlack Bruargh's FuryBlack Ice Throwing AxeBlunted ArrowsBone ArrowsBone ShieldCarapace shieldDragonbone ArrowsDragonbone ShieldDragonbone Throwing AxeExceptional Acheronian ShieldExceptional Carapace shieldExceptional Hardened Steel ShieldExceptional Hardened Steel Throwing AxeExceptional Obsidian ShieldExceptional Serpent-man ShieldExceptional Shell ShieldExceptional Star Metal ShieldExceptional Star Metal Throwing.Even went into combat and dont notice any difference, Anyone else notice this?140 is a good spot.Legs Aquilonian TassetBlack Hand TrousersDarfari Skin SkirtDerketo Acolyte SkirtDerketo Dancer SkirtEpic Aquilonian TassetEpic Cimmerian Fur TassetEpic Cimmerian Steel TassetEpic Darfari Skin SkirtEpic Exceptional Aquilonian TassetEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Fur TassetEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Steel TassetEpic Exceptional Darfari Skin SkirtEpic Exceptional Heavy TassetEpic Exceptional Hyena-fur WrapEpic Exceptional Hyperborean.N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, name, grade.I have been messing around with stats and noticed the only 3 stats that are useful is vitality, agility, and encumberance.Feet Aquilonian SandalsBlack Hand BootsBuccaneer Peg Leg (Left Fitting)Buccaneer Peg Leg (Right Fitting)Climbing BootsDarfari Skin GreaversDerketo Acolyte SandalsDerketo Dancer AnkletsEpic Aquilonian SandalsEpic Cimmerian Fur BootsEpic Cimmerian Steel BootsEpic Darfari Skin GreaversEpic Exceptional Aquilonian SandalsEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Fur BootsEpic Exceptional Darfari Skin GreaversEpic Exceptional Heavy SabatonsEpic.Elixir of Sight, elixir of Vigor.Type, helm, chest, gloves, legs, boots, total.Encumberance increases carry ammount, i only put 10 in this stat to double carry weight.Elixir of Ingestion, elixir of Might, elixir of Numbing.Elixir of Enduring, elixir of Freedom, elixir of Grace.A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,.
Vitality gives HP and i think its the most helpful.
Main Hand Abysmal DaggersAbysmal SwordAcheronian LongswordAcheronian SpearAcheronian Two-Handed SwordAcheronian War-AxeAja's BaneAkbitanan BladesAncient AxeAncient BowAncient DaggersAncient JavelinAncient KhopeshAncient MaceAncient PikeAncient Throwing AxeAncient Two-Handed SwordAncient WarhammerAxe of the LionBaal-pteor's LodestoneBaal-pteor's RazorBalanced Iron JavelinBattle-axe of the BowBlack Dragon PikeBlack Ice BroadswordBlack Ice JavelinBlack Ice LongswordBlack Ice Throwing AxeBlade.
Low, light Heat Encumbrance (5) Darfari Low Light Heat Strength (5) Hyperborean Slaver Low Heavy Heat Strength (5) Shemite Mid Light Heat Accuracy (5) Relic Hunter Mid Light Heat Encumbrance (2 Survival (3) Medium Mid Medium Heat Encumbrance (5) Royal Mid Medium Heat Encumbrance (5).Name Grade Type Helm Chest Gloves Legs Boots Armor Protection Bonus Setite Religion Light Heat - Ymir's Religion Light Heat - Derketo Religion Light Heat - Yoggite Watcher Mask Religion Light Heat - Mitraen Religion Light Heat - Zamorian Dancer Religion Light Heat - Misc.Im 99 strength is useless atm and the 3 stats i listed above are the only stats to really put any points into.Hands Aquilonian BracersClimbing GlovesDarfari Skin BracersDerketo Acolyte HandwrapsDerketo Dancer BraceletsEpic Aquilonian BracersEpic Cimmerian Fur GauntletsEpic Cimmerian Steel GauntletsEpic Darfari Skin BracersEpic Exceptional Aquilonian BracersEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Fur GauntletsEpic Exceptional Cimmerian Steel GauntletsEpic Exceptional Darfari Skin BracersEpic Exceptional Heavy GauntletsEpic Exceptional Hyena-fur GlovesEpic Exceptional Hyperborean Slaver.1 Cold Sandstorm Mask High Light 6 Immune to sandstorm poison Loading.Steam, latest, eng 15, eng, rus, inf.Warpaint Warpaint - StrengthWarpaint - AgilityWarpaint - VitalityWarpaint - AccuracyWarpaint - GritWarpaint - SupportWarpaint - Determination.Now to what this post is about, strength, I have had 40 strength and 0 strength yet the weapon damage shows the same, I am currently using the named iron warrhammer and it says it does 97 dmg, even with strength increased it still shows.Protection, bonus, notes, coarse, low, light, heat - -Epic Flawless and Flawless gear gives 2 Stat Bonus, with the exception of Lumarian Warrior, Hyena, Reptilian.