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Mattrick (left) and Pincus (right) comprise Zynga's new two-person Executive Committee.
"I don't fucking want innovation the ex-employee recalls Pincus saying.
Pincus is already enormously wealthy.As Malik argues over at GigaOM, Zynga's "culture of short-termism and anything-goes-to-grow" is part of the company's DNA, and is "so pervasive and embedded that unless Mattrick undertakes a company wide apheresis he world of warships staying in game bonus is destined to fail.On top of another 11 million in vested shares as part of the "make-whole" package, Mattrick could earn up to 7 million in equity if the company is pleased with his performance.And it wasn't what he expected.The filing also details a new Executive Committee comprised of just Mattrick and Pincus, which will "serve as an administrative committee of the Board to facilitate approval of certain corporate actions in the intervals between full meetings of the Board.".Read my Forbes blog here.The former employee, who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly about his experience at Zynga, said this wasn't just bluster.Zynga is well past its heyday-in fact, games like Supercell's Hay Day are eating Zynga's lunch.Mattrick will continue to earn his 1 million annual salary, though his bonus will range anywhere from 2 to 4 million depending on whether he hits his performance target.Why Defense of the Ancients?Writes Francis: One way he could collect even faster is if he manages to sell the company.
CEO Mark Pincus at a meeting.
That Pincus remains firmly in control of Zynga could very well mean rough waters ahead for the Pincus-Mattrick duo.
"We're an analytics company masquerading as a games company.
Zynga vice president Ken Rudin told the Wall Street Journal prior to the 2011 IPO.
Then again, it may be that Zynga is looking to sell.If Mattrick can turn the company around and position it for a sale, he'll be not only a miracle worker, but a very rich one at that.Eswc interview, why DotA?To view real-time strategy selections, pay a visit to our RTS category."It used the well-established pattern of super fast release, iterate, re-release to grow its games.".All told, a reasonably handsome pay package for a new CEO of a company that has lost hundreds of millions over the past two years.Previews; We talk with new developer Riot Games about its strategy/RPG hybrid and the lead designer's Warcraft roots.What was Zynga's secret?The real problem with Zynga is rooted in the company's DNA.But actually earning that money may be a Herculean task.Zynga shares have been up each day since the management change was announced, but that optimism needs to see results quickly in order to be sustained.SF Weekly reports an even more galling example of Zynga's "DNA" and its disdain for innovation : In light of Zynga's phenomenal rise, one former senior employee recalls arriving at the company eager to discover what new business practices were driving its success.

Xbox chief Don Mattrick starts his new job at Zynga in just two days.