Cost of Knight, Mamluk increased to 200.
The impi became a highly mobile force, nigh-unstoppable against anything short of repeating rifles and high explosives.
Okihtcitaw upgrades to Explorer.
The, zulu unique unit.Updated for Gathering Storm expansion!Steel Thunder: Unit Expansion is a revised version of (1 splitting out this component of Moar into its own standalone mod.Steel Thunder: Unique Units is the successor mod for (2) adding one additional UU per Civilization.The new units are: Longswordsman, Trebuchet, Rifleman, Gatling Gun, Mortar, Self Propelled Artillery, Cog, Galleass, Cuirassier (pre-GS Explorer (pre-GS Courser (pre-GS).Unique Unit Changes: * Conquistador - veikkaus mainos pasi rautiainen Rifleman (other religion combat bonus reduced by 1 to 9) * Mamluk - Cuirassier * Legion - Longswordsman * Shield Bearer - Longswordsman * War Cart - Knight * War Cart replaces Heavy Chariot.Macedon Hypaspist and Persian Immortal upgrade to Longswordsman.Gatling Gun and Machine Gun are both Ranged units, but with additional 5 combat bonus vs Melee, Anti Cavalry and Light Cavalry.Heavy Cavalry: - Knight - Cuirassier* - Tank.If anyone wants to reuse any of the Unit art from Moar it is all available here: Compatibility: This mod is meant to be used instead of Moar Units not with it!You should remove and unsubscribe for Moar Units and Even Moar Units mods if you want to use either or both of the Steel Thunder mods.However a significant issue with it is that it is effectively two mods rolled into one: 1) A mod that adds additional Global Units.Back to the list of units.Heavy Cavalry get 6 Combat Strength vs when attacking pre-Gunpowder Melee units on non-District tiles.
Contents show There's not much to dislike about the Impi: it's faster to train, cheaper to maintain, and gets better flanking and XP bonuses than the Pikeman it replaces.
Large groups of Impi are very difficult for opponents to repel unless they have a comparable force of melee units (which will have CS advantage against Impi and if you've been keeping up with your civic development and manage to capture a few cities, you'll.
Civilopedia entry Edit The powerful warrior regiments of the Zulu were already a formidable force when the ambitious Shaka taught them new techniques: combining the iklwa (a short, stabbing spear with a broader blade than a throwing spear) and the ishlangu (a large, oval shield.
2) lotto oikea rivi kierros 15 A mod that adds another 2 Unique Units to (some) Civilizations.
Samurai replaces Longswordsman.Differences from Moar Units Core Only: * Sniper, Modern Sniper and Recon units dropped.Pikeman strength increased to 45, cost decreased to 160.I think that Civ5 had solved this by having all the tanks (landship, tank modern armor) be "armored" instead of cavalry.Recon: Scout - Explorer* - Ranger, naval Melee: Galley - Cog* - Caravel, naval Ranged: Quadrireme - Galleass* - Frigate.Its low Production and Gold maintenance costs allow the Zulu player to field an army of Impi very quickly and without risking a bankruptcy.Thanks to the following contributors: Icon Art: ChimpanG, janboruta 3D Art: Hizkiyahu (aka Wolfdog).

Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry now have a -6 Combat Strength penalty vs Districts.