can you bonus roll on a boss you already killed

You probably CAN roll infinitely on Mythic bosses, you just cant have the lockouts for.
Summary: If you have 8 or more charms and are doing enough daily quests to replace them, and don't need to save some for a normal-mode raid, you can spend them on LFR bosses that drop loot that is still an upgrade.School, physical, cast Time, instant cast, mechanic n/a, cooldown n/a, dispel Type n/a, charges n/a, max Targets n/a, gCD n/a, gCD Category n/a Damage Class n/a Effect #0 Apply Aura : Confirmation prompt (with rizk casino review 2018 difficulty).2 Raid Bonus Roll Loot - Boss 06 Targets.You certainly want to save the tokens for use on a boss that has a chance to drop loot you need.Actual Behavior, no bonus hedenlunda slott flen loot roll is shown after killing a boss.The Dark BelowGuild MentoringMVP CornerFeedbackCustomer SupportService StatusTechnical SupportMac Technical SupportBug ReportPTR Discussion.1PTR Discussion.2PTR Discussion.2PTR DiscussionPTR Discussion.1.2PTR Discussion.2.2PTR Bug ReportPTR Bug Report.2PTR Bug Report.1PTR Bug Report.2PTR Bug Report.2.2PTR Bug Report.1.2Beta Test TestPatch.2.4 PTR Bug ReportPTR.You can only kill mythic raid bosses 1x a week.But when it takes a couple of weeks to reach that point that upgrading means praying to Rngezus something is wrong.The same applies for end-of-instance bosses in Raid Finder mode, such as Lei Shen, or the Sha of Fear.When i came back, i was still dead and they already started the third boss, lei shi.The bonus roll system, introduced in Patch.0, allows a player to receive an additional roll against a boss's loot table, giving the player an extra chance to receive an item.Boss died, i didnt get any Loot and ID for him, BUT i could roll for bonus Loot and won my T-Shoulders.Artwork created by Yochi, originally Posted by, steveRocks.Patch.3.0 Players can now choose to receive loot for specializations other than the one that's currently active.
Reply With", 04:01 AM #8, okay.
Reply With", 03:48 AM #4, deleted i suppose since you are still locked to 3-4 bonus rolls per week this isn't as OP as initially sounds.
The limit has not changed and remains one attempt and one bonus roll per boss, per week.
If you were the only one who needed that loot now you have two and will probably sell the redundant poker star eu casino one.So this isnt a limitation on the rolling system, its a limitation on Reply With", 04:27 AM #11 Originally Posted by Squigglyo You probably CAN roll infinitely on Mythic bosses, you just cant have the lockouts for.Doesnt change the fact that Blizzard should stop making gear so easily available.Reply With", 01:17 PM #20 Deleted Im more interested why can we bonus roll at all.If you don't do enough daily quests to complete the conversion quest every week you probably want to spend them sparingly and only on bosses that drop best-in-slot upgrades.Limitations All Pandarian and Draenic world bosses may only have a bonus roll used against their loot table once each week.

If you would get the loot so fast as you want, then you would probably stop playing and then you would not be good to the team.
How am I going to kill a mythic boss a hundred times a week.
Reply With", 06:42 AM #13 Yeah,.