blade and soul gem slot reset

Then head for the crystal palace casino in compton temple.
Then, Go back downstairs and to the previous stairs.
Frank will tell you that the Desians invaded the village and the villagers are hiding from them.
Once you defeat him, he will move to another area and you'll meet him again later.Go down the slope for a chest containing Mythril Bracelet.The chest that was on will fall below.Look at the library at the left to find Boltzman's Book.Final Gems links DPS Soulrend Soulrend - your primary source of DPS Swift Affliction Support - insane damage boost to Damage over Time which is our main source of damage Void Manipulation Support Controlled Destruction Support - high Spell Damage boost at the exchange.Also, if you haven't gotten it already, the Wonder Chef is next to Lloyd's bed.The Pellets will make Lv1 characters such as townspeople.Then head north from the second intersection to enter a room with two chests a skull.Go back to the second room, and this time, go up the left stairway and destroy the 2 yellow blocks blocking the door here.If you have Genis in your party, make him use his water spell.Now you have all the shadow fragments, so go northeast from the save point for a stairway leading down to another room.Shoot mana on the small pillar and get on the elevator to go back._ Boss - Forcystus HP 200 TP 4tk 1200 Def 300 Drops Faerie Ring Weak - Str Wind This guy is pretty tough.Head downstairs again, and go right for two more chests with Life Bottle and Circlet.Go up the stairs to the next part of the room with some blocks on the floor.
He will trade you the final darkness weapon.
After all of this, head for the inn.
Pull out the block in the top right corner to get an item, Mage Cloak.
Mizuho - The Mystical all in poker plzen Village (second visit) Go talk to the vice-chief.
So head for the castle to learn that princess Hilda was kidnapped.Bane of the Stricken almost mandatory gem for Greater Rift progression, as it is designed to whittle down the scaling health numbers of monsters with a percentage-based increase on successive attacks.Go right to go downstairs, then talk to Kuchinawa.Then, return to Meltokio in the poor part and Genis will get his Katz costume.You'll fly to Tethe'Alla, but will crash down on the way, on the summit of Fooji Mountains.Enter the door at the left of the save point.Simply go to Mizuho and talk to the merchant.You'll fight 2 Duelists and a Sorceress, which shouldn't be too hard.Then break all the next bridges to go all the way down.Note that if you leave the forest through the other entrance, you'll end up somewhere else on the field where the Guide Monument for Sybak is located.In the next area, go straight for a chest with Golden Helm.Go to the other side and turn the wheel here to open the door above.

You now need to go down, and there's a moving platform that goes up and down near the door, so use it to reach the bottom.
From there, go left, then north and go through the door at the right.
The door on the left will open, go through.