With a perfect pair, this is 25 times your bet, while a colored pair entitles you to 12 times your bet.
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Your two cards make a hand together with the one dealers card that is showing.
One of the popular games that can be enjoyed for free and for real money online is Perfect Pairs, an exciting blackjack game that offers a side bet.If they have blackjack, then the hand finishes there.You can win with a flush, straight, three of a kind, straight flush, or euro lotto results suited three of a kind.Players may double down on the first two cards and after splitting.Soon, youll know exactly what the deal is with this particular variant.It pays you when your first two cards are a pair.How to Play Perfect Pairs, start by placing a bet as an ante.But, if you take one thing away from this Blackjack Perfect Pairs / 21 3 review, its that you need to pay attention to the rules.RTP:99,59, blackjack Pays:3:2, decks:6, multi-Hand:Yes, insurance:Yes, surrender:No.Simply click on the game above and get started.With Perfect Pairs, players will have more chances to win based on whether they have placed the side bet and what the value of their first two cards are when dealt.If the bet is placed, mixed pairs pay 5:1, coloured pairs pay 10:1 and a Perfect Pair will pay 30:1.The main difference with this game is the ability to place a side bet.The aim in this bet is to get pairs dealt to you in your first two cards.In addition to these side-bets you can play blackjack with your normal bet, so draw more cards in order to beat the dealer.
During the basic game, players who beat the dealer without going over 21 will win the hand.
This actually works in the players favour, as they cannot make any double down or split bets.
When placing the side bet, the house edge for the game.76.
You can choose to also place a side-bet, but this is not necessary.If these two cards are a pair you win back a multiple of your bet.Dealer will stand on hands of 17 or above and hit on 16 or below.With a payout blackjack continuous shuffling machine strategy of 25:1 for a perfect pair winnings can quickly add up to a large sum!In this six-deck, multi-hand game, the main game rules are pretty much just basic blackjack.Players will have the ability to stand, hit, split and take insurance with this variation.Dealer Peek:Yes, dealer Hits Soft 17:No, side Bets:Perfect Pairs.Players can also select to play the Perfect Pairs side bet before cards are dealt.Blackjack Actions, hit, draw one card with the option of drawing an additional card until you bust or stand.Blackjack Rules, the blackjack game offers the same rules as those found in brick and mortar casinos.This is a very high house edge, which is why many experienced players will avoid placing this side bet, regardless of the win potential.Oranje Casino also organizes fun Patience tournaments and has insane promotions.When you play, both doubles and split are allowed.Overall, the game is easy to play and can offer decent payouts, though experienced players will suggest to avoid the side bet as it has poor odds and actually increases the house edge.

A mixed coloured pair pays 5:1, those of the same colour pays 10:1, while a perfect pair (two identical cards in number and suit) pays 30:1.