In JCP and WCW, he was a one-time, nWA World Heavyweight Champion, 5 a four-time, united States Heavyweight Champion, 6 a four-time, world Television Champion, 7 8 a twelve-time.
"WCW Show Results 1993".
Steamboat's only pay per view appearance during his second WWF tenure was at SummerSlam.
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He made his WWE video game debut in WWE SmackDown.
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64 He was also the referee for the four-way double-elimination match to crown the first holder of the TNivision Championship.
Steamboat kept the nickname and gimmick for the remainder of his career.
However, Flair would be attacked by Batista instead of appearing on screen.The historic reason for 110 volts was due to the DC power systems created by Thomas Edison.Like electricity, the Cloud is the new utility hosted Citrix XenDesktop and cloud virtual desktop by m, the Second explanation is: The existence of the various standards has been largely the result of local politics and historical accident.61 62 However, he had to give up the belt due to the injury at Fall Brawl ; he was replaced by "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who made his WCW debut after Duggan left the WWF.37 WWF management was still bitter over his impromptu sabbatical from his first WWF run, however, and he was not pushed or given any meaningful feuds.It seems like the difference you are talking about is that on the non-U.S.It is rumored that Steamboat was booked to be squashed by The Undertaker on Superstars to build Undertaker for his impending WWF World Heavyweight Championship match against Hulk Hogan, and that Steamboat chose to quit the WWF rather than lose to Undertaker.For his son, see.However, Roberts' fears came true and Steamboat was legitimately knocked out when his forehead hit the concrete.After lucifer season 3 bonus episodes explained having creative differences with JCP booker Dusty Rhodes, Steamboat left the NWA.This caused WWE to take down any storyline information related to that attack.The day after his dark match loss, Steamboat gave his notice to WWF management and then quit the company shortly thereafter.

27 They later battled each other in a Snake Pit match (no DQ) in front of 74,000 fans at The Big Event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which Steamboat won with a small package despite Roberts dominating virtually the entire match to that point.
Later appearances and WWE Ambassador (2010present) edit On June 28, 2010, he returned to WWE Raw to promote his new DVD only to be attacked and injured by The Nexus.
Fuji, but after his victory he was attacked by Fuji's protege Don Muraco, pitting Steamboat in a feud against Muraco and Fuji.