Casinos also like CSMs because it allows them to always have 500 percent deposit bonus the edge just like they enjoy with all their games.
So in most casinos you will find CSMs on the main casino floor where the table minimums are lower.
Casinos coast to coast have been testing them for the past several years.
Also, think outside the box, or in front of it (lol) Does the number 16 have anything to do with what you are talking about biggg?Ive been a card counter for 15 years, and I side with Tommy and Richard.With the use of this New Strategy, blackjack professional player gets a (1.5-2.4)!After a betting round is completed, the dealer will scoop up the just played cards (discards) and instead of placing them into a discard tray will insert the cards back into the CSM for shuffling with the remaining.5 or so decks of cards.First, lets make sure you understand what a CSM is because players often confuse them with automatic shufflers.In addition a very experienced card counter playing in shoe, has a (1-1.2) rate advantage in his favor in the long term (it means it can take even decades!) through much labor and time when against shuffle machines doesnt stand a chance!You stated : " CSMs should allow for perfect basic strategy every time thus giving u a slight edge " That is entirely false.Reply With", 03:26 PM #2, did you find this post helpful?With the latter most of the cards are played (ca.Its here on the 5 and 10 tables where the casino grinds out its 20 more revenue per hour against average low stakes players.CSMs should allow for perfect basic strategy every time thus giving u a slight edge on the house even though u cant gain form counting.You won't get a better shuffle, but it's a quick way to get some blackjack action.
Even though the house edge goes down slightly with a CSM, this is more than negated by the increased speed of the game.
The dealer has a (6.5) probability to bust than usual (28).
Yes, no, new member here trying to learn this game.
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BUT, that little bit of play generates Upwards on 50 each in EV per week via mailer (free bets, match plays, cash back plus another 10 bucks each in food credit, so it's a win-win for.
By using a CSM, blackjack becomes virtually unbeatable much like roulette, baccarat, Three Card Poker and other table games.Casino Player magazine (and 6 other publications an owner of a casino gambling publishing company (m) and the host.May be able to wrangle some profits from the casino.Bryce Carlson Reply With", 07:08 PM #6 0 out of 1 members found this post helpful.So on average the casino can deal about an extra round or two per hour resulting in about 20 more hands played per hour with a CSM and because they have the edge against the vast majority of players who play blackjack their hourly revenue.If more players do this casinos will reluctantly have to remove the machines and return to the more player friendly automatic shufflers (or manual shuffles).It's kind of interesting slowing the dealer and game down for a change.From the players perspective, you will lose 20 faster on average playing against a CSM dealt game compared to a game dealt manually or with an automatic shuffler.After losing to a CSM(Continuous Shuffle Machine) i looked online and saw that CSMs are frowned upon.Reply With", 06:48 PM #5.Last edited by ZenMaster_Flash; at 03:29.It's in the cards.

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