The Master Prep Professional comes with three blending jars in various sizes; we thought that it added up to too many parts, and that they would just end up cluttering our cupboards.
This procedure reduces the risk of permanent motor burnout.
Of dough in 30 seconds.We found the Oster easier to control than other blenders of a similar price, thanks to its wide range of speeds.It was loud, weak, and overly complicated.We strained the mixtures through a fine-mesh sieve to see how much pulp or berry seeds remained behind.And we were disappointed that you cant adjust the temperature on the heating element, nor can you sauté in the machine, since it wont start if it doesnt detect liquid in the jar.
Breville Boss Price: Listed at 600, but currently 400 on Amazon (as of March 14 2016).
Instead of a push-button control panel, these new blenders have a streamlined single dial.
Ptfe, a chemical found in nonstick coatingsbreaking off the gasket around the base of the Vitamixs blade.
The Blendtec was easily the nicest-looking blender we tried, with a sleek black, light-illuminated base.
To be fair, we should have let it cool for a full 45 minutes, but in comparison, the Vitamix 5200 we tested had no trouble handling the same set of tests.
The Versa didnt blend raspberry seeds, but otherwise made a very fine smoothie.
The Cleanblend made some of the smoothest smoothies in our tests, performing better than the Oster and even the Vitamix in that regard.Vitamix 5200, price: Listed at 449 on, vitamixs site.As a final round, we made piña coladas to see how well the machines blended ice into my chance ratings casino slush.Otherwise, the Oster Versa will satisfy most needs for less than half the price.After our 2014 review, we received reader comments about some Vitamix 5200 jars producing small black flecks after running for a few minutes.We let the machine cool for only 10 minutes before resetting and restarting it, and moments into our second attempt, wisps of smoke emanated from underneath the unit and the motor burned out completely.Having both makes the Oster more versatile.At 18 inches tall, it will fit under most kitchen counters.