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Loot Competition top Regarding the loot you ai poker player will get from raid or dungeon bosses, you willcompete with other classes in the following cases: Tier Tokens Hunters, Monks, Shamans, and poker players online Arms/Fury Warriors Plate Armor Amulets Cloaks Rings Always: Blood Death Knights and Protection Paladins Items with.
Stormtouched Cache, Treasures of the Thunder King.
For Protection Warriors, the value of all the secondary stats is close enough together that you should only look at what secondary stats a piece has if you are comparing across the same item level.
The other pages of our Protection Warrior guide can be accessedfrom the table of contents on the right.502 Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Vanquisher Lei Shen's Burial Trove (.Instead, we nowgive you advice for choosing your trinkets, your set bonuses, and whatever elseis important for your class.391 Greathelm of the Voracious Maw Alysrazor in Firelands 391 Helm of Blazing Glory Baleroc in Firelands 397 Colossal Dragonplate Faceguard 1 Crown of the Corrupted Protector from Faldren Tillsdale (A/H) in Stormwind City and Jamus'Vaz (A/H) in Orgrimmar 397 Jaw of Repudiation 2200 from.522 Grievous Gladiator's Bonecracker 1750 from Armsmaster Holinka (A/H) in Valley of the Four Winds and 1750 from Lucan Malory (A/H) in Valley of the Four Winds 522 Grievous Gladiator's Bonecracker 1750 from Acon Deathwielder (A/H) in Kun-Lai Summit and Ethan Natice (A/H) in Valley.Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block, looted from Raal the Gluttonous in Waycrest Manor.Demoralizing Shout, Heroic Leap, Last Stand, Mocking Banner, Recklessness and, shield Wall more often.
The craftable Alchemy trinkets such as Eternal Alchemist Stone are decent alternatives if you are having trouble obtaining the above trinkets.
502 Ultimate Protection of the Emperor Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder 502 Visage of the Doomed Tortos in Throne of Thunder, Durumu the Forgotten in Throne of Thunder, Iron Qon in Throne of Thunder.
2019: Removed Legplates of Unbound Anguish from the page as they no longer drop for Protection.
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Ranged Fegyver A következ esetekben kell versenybe szállnod más kasztokkal a lootért: Tokens Hunter, Shaman, és Arms/Fury Warrior Plate Armor Amulet (nyaklánc) Cloak (köpeny) Ring (gyr) Blood Death Knight és Prot Paladin Tankos statok nélküli itemek Frost/Unholy Death Knight, rizk casino code Retri Paladin, és Arms/Fury Warrior Trinket.
390 Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty 1650 from Ecton Brasstumbler (A/H) in Tanaris, Knight-Lieutenant T'Maire Sydes (A/H) in Stormwind City, and Zom Bocom (A/H) in Dalaran 390 Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty 1650 from Blood Guard Zar'shi (A/H) in Orgrimmar, Ecton Brasstumbler (A/H) in Tanaris.359 Cloudburst Cloak Heart of Wind ( Throne of the Four Winds ) 359 Floating Web 1250 from Rugok (A/H) in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow (A/H) in Stormwind City 359 Gray Hair Cloak 1250 from Rugok (A/H) in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow (A/H) in Stormwind.476 Relic of Niuzao Darkmoon Ox Deck ( Darkmoon Faire ) 476 Vial of Dragon's Blood Cache of Pure Energy ( Mogu'shan Vaults ) 483 Stuff of Nightmares Cache of Tsulong ( Terrace of Endless Spring ) 489 Jade Warlord Figurine Mogu'shan Secret-Keeper in Mogu'shan.378 Gavel of Peroth'arn Peroth'arn in Well of Eternity 378 Mandible of Beth'tilac Beth'tilac in Firelands 378 Obsidium Cleaver Hell Hound, Flamewaker Taskmaster in Firelands, Molten Flamefather in Firelands.Shoulders (vállvért) 346 Earthshape Pauldrons Drahga Shadowburner in Grim Batol 346 Missing Diplomat's Pauldrons Glubtok in The Deadmines 346 Raz's Pauldrons Ascendant Lord Obsidius in Blackrock Caverns 346 Sunburnt Pauldrons 1650 from Rugok (A/H) in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow (A/H) in Stormwind City 353 Pauldrons.The, tier 16 4-piece bonus will give you extra rage once Demoralizing Shout expires, however its potential is unfortunately random n certain situations it will overcap your rage, while in others it will leave you dry.2019: Added information and recommendations for the loot in the Crucible of Storms raid.Legs 450 Bladesnap Legplates Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 450 Contender's Revenant Legplates created by Contender's Revenant Legplates (requires Blacksmithing 575) 450 Jinyu-Forged Legplates Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 450 Masterwork Spiritguard Legplates created by Masterwork Spiritguard.In each table, the items are ranked by item level and then alphabetically.476 Lightning Rod Seal Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 476 The Brassiest Knuckle from Quackenbush (A/H) in Deeprun Tram 476 The Brassiest Knuckle from Paul North (A/H) 483 Ring of the Shattered Shell Garalon in Heart of Fear 483 Vizier's Ruby.If you are gearing for Critical Strike, then the best off-set piece is the Legs item.489 Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield Meng the Demented in Mogu'shan Vaults, Zian of the Endless Shadow in Mogu'shan Vaults, Qiang the Merciless in Mogu'shan Vaults.