I could talk about the beautifully restored mansion and fine service, but I will just cut to the chase.
I took my wife here for her birthday and we were offered a choice of two different 6 course tasting menus, one protein based with either beef or venison and the other vegetarian based.To deliver every dish to that standard is no selenium bonus tabletki small feat.We have been to many fine dining establishments but the restaurant at Spicer mansion stands apart.It was a true privilege to experience the meal and I offer my sincerest compliments to the chef.The chef went 12/12 on delivering each course with a true artistic flare only to be matched by incredible flavor.You know the restaurant is damn good if you dream of writing a review about it after the meal.
She rose to the challenge of pushing herself to be both creative and also to have the flavors of each dish come together so perfectly on our palates.
We chose one of each tasting menu.
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