An available bonus objective will appear on the map with this icon: citation needed, contents show, accepting Bonus Objectives.
Draenor (Quests) 25 Draenor (Quests) 25 Draenor (Quests) 25 Charged Up Defeat 30 Shadow Council members while under the effects of Arkonite Empowerment in Shattrath City.Draenor (Quests) 10 The Song of Silence Defeat the elite Warsong of Mok'gol Watchpost.Draenor (Quests) 10 Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Eat Steal a fish from a Kaliri before it successfully eats it and consume it yourself in Skettis Ruins.Otherwise, you'd be able to get all (8) elites and queue up only (4) or so of the bonus objectives that are in close proximity to the Alliance outpost.Draenor achievements Edit mobil 600 casino This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Iron Wings Use the Iron Troop Launcher in The Pit to get launched through four rings in 3 minutes.Draenor (Quests) 25 Chapter II: Gul'dan Strikes Back Complete Khadgar's legendary Highmaul raid quests and save his life when things take a turn for the worse.Patch changes Edit References Edit See also Edit External links Edit Achievements.Draenor (Quests) 10 Picky Palate Benefit from the effects of a Lovely Coconut, a Prickly Guava and a Handful of Gorgraberries simultaneous.Just not all the way to 100 though.Points: 10, category: Draenor, main category: Quests, complete the Gorgrond bonus objectives below.Draenor (Quests) 10 I Want More Talador Complete the Talador bonus objectives listed below.Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Make It a Bonus Complete the Gorgrond bonus objectives below.Draenor (Quests) 10 Poisoning the Well Poison 10 Kegs of Impaler Ale in Iron Siegeworks.
Draenor (Quests) 10 Making the Cut Defeat Krud the Eviscerator within Gorian Proving Grounds.
Draenor (Quests) 10 Shoot For the Moon Complete the Shadowmoon Valley bonus objectives below.
Destroy 5 Draenic Darkstones åbo slottet in Socrethar's Rise.
Most Bonus Objectives in Warlords of Draenor Garrison Resources, experience (if not at level cap and money.
Draenor (Quests) 10 Take From Them Everything Maintain one of the beneficial effects from destroying Sargerei supplies for 10 minutes in Socrethar's Rise.List of Bonus Objectives by Broken Isles zone Edit This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.That boosted completion bonus, plus the 8 elite turnins, plus the 5 or 6 out of 10 bonus objectives will certainly get you into 97-98 land.Criteria (all required) ».Types of tasks include collecting items, healing allies, destroying objects, and killing mobs.There are several bonus objectives in each zone.Draenor (Quests) 10 By Fire.